About Chronic Fatigue Care

Eutaptics is the leading mind and body healing system that provides lasting resolution to chronic fatigue syndrome. As the world’s most advanced and highly applicable stressbusting technique, Eutaptics continues to help people overcome chronic fatigue.

This blog is dedicated to provide information about chronic fatigue. We publish free resources sharing tips and information on how to overcome and cope with day to day stress and provide lasting healing from chronic stress.

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS is a disorder that has no known cause or cure. It is a highly devastating condition that is complex in nature. People suffering from CFS have overwhelming fatigue and are at risk of other symptoms that are not improved by rest.

After a physical activity or mental exertion, a person with CFS can get worse. More often individuals with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome function at a very low energy level compared to pre-diagnosis.

CFS can persists for years and the accompanying symptoms can cause incapacitation.

Eutaptics in Providing Resolution to CFS

Eutaptics, created by Robert Smith is a mind-body healing system that continuously help people diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to cope and overcome the disease.

Eutaptics can complement any other forms of therapy for people suffering from CFS. Chronic Fatigue management can be as complex as the illness itself. But it is understood in Eutaptics belief system as a mental programming that can be collapsed and replaced. Pain and fatigue has its origin in the mind thus it can be manipulated, reimprinted and replaced to allow the body to recuperate and adopt to a healthier program free from disorders.

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